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Portland Composite Cement (PCC)
As part of its relentless pursuit for innovation and constant drive to improve quality, HeidelbergCement has introduced Portland Composite Cement (PCC) during 2003. Absorbing European Norms in cement producing made HeidelbergCement Bangladesh Ltd. the pioneer in this sector. Now-a-days all the cement factories of Bangladesh are producing cement as per European Norm. The category Portland Composite Cement (CEM II) is the market leader in Europe.
Cement produced according to the BDS EN
ScanCement and RubyCement are designed to achieve the best characteristics for its customers; this result is achieved by design using clinker and high quality other constituents. PCC has the optimum of: Durability, Long-term strength and workability. ScanCement and RubyCement are produced according to the European norms BDS EN 197-1:2003.
Characteristics of ScanCement / RubyCement:
Higher Strength
ScanCement and RubyCement have higher long-term strength than a standard Portland Cement (OPC). The slag part in the design contributes that the gap in long-term strength with OPC is widening as time progresses.
Higher Durability
The design of ScanCement and RubyCement increases the density of concrete (lower permeability). Smaller voids are the effect of the reaction between the clinker and the slag. This density contributes to the durability and lifetime of the construction.
Better Workability
To improve the quality of plaster and masonry work Limestone is added to the design of ScanCement and RubyCement. This improves strongly the workability of the concrete. Plastering will look smoother, better and more beautiful. The concrete is easier to use.
Other Improvements
On top of the above-mentioned improvements ScanCement and RubyCement reduces thermal cracking. Due to the slag in the design less heat is generated which reduces the risk of thermal cracks. Furthermore our brands use less water to achieve the required workability. This contributes to the strength and quality of the construction.

Joint development by HCBL and Indocement
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