Chattogram Plant


  • Chittagong Plant
  • Chittagong Plant
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Plant Capacity

  • Cement Production: 1.3 million tons per year.
  • Cement Types: CEM I , CEM II and CEM III

Our Committment

  • Reduce the CO2 emission to protect the environment
  • Reduce the water consumption
  • Reduce the dust emission to keep the dust free environment
  • Reduction of specific power consumption of the plant
  • To maintain the consistent quality

Use of Eco hopper for environment friendly raw material handling

  • We are using Eco hopper to unload the raw materails from mother vessel and making the environment dust free.

Power Plant

  • The engine for power is enough to support the whole factory.

Grid Power

  • 33KV grid line available to give support for the plant running

Major Equipment

1 Own Jetty for mother vessel berthing
3 Cement Mill
2 Slag Dryer
1 Inline Packer Machine ( 2 Spout)
5 Clinker Silo
5 Cement Silo
3 Rotary Packer Machine
1 Gypsum Shed
1 Slag Shed
1 Power Plant (The engine is enough to support the whole factory)

Plant Location

Plant Address:

South Halishahar

G.P.O. Box No. 372