HeidelbergCement Bangladesh

Why join HCBL

HeidelbergCement is one of the largest producers of quality cement in Bangladesh. HCBL is a member of HeidelbergCement group, German. It has started its journey in 1873. The enlarged group has 150 years of experience and operating in more than 50 countries with around 53,000 employees who work in more than 3,100 sites. HeidelbergCement has three plants in Bangladesh including Chattogram Plant, Kanchpur Plant and Mukterpur Plant.

Working with pioneer standards and its ethical practices within the office environment, HeidelbergCement encourage to grow both professionally and personally. It broadens the experience working with different culture and prepares to take challenges to open yourself up to the world.

HeidelbergCement constantly gives the opportunity to learn and explore new things and warmly welcome changes. Its multicultural structure gives you to grow and gather knowledge and scope to build thyself.

We acknowledge the leadership and employee knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) and works to develop the necessary leadership, teamwork, and KSA competencies. Our employees act as role models with respect to their leadership and management skills as well as their personal conduct. Competent and inspired employees play a significant role in our continued drive for success. We harvest talents and use well-planned programs to retain those talents and bring out the best of their competencies. This is supported by the HeidelbergCement competence model, which defines the essential professional and personal capabilities and skills that are critical for the success of our business.

Beside all above, our success depends on the physical and mental wellbeing, safety & security of all our people. We strive to continuously prevent and minimize risks for our employees, customers, suppliers and other third parties. HCBL work culture always puts people first. HCBL has set the benchmark in the field of manufacture. If you have a thrive to explore and grow, HeidlebergCement is the place. The skillset you will possess here will help you to acquire experience and sharpen your skills amidst such professional work culture. Maintaining strong and productive employee relations is a mantra that we strive to uphold. We have been successful in this regard through strong and empathetic leadership. We believe in fair employment practices that protect employees from discrimination and disadvantage.

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